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Something for Stacy...Adopt Me, Adopt Me Not

What is your annual income? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? How can you support a child? Are you gay? These are just a few of the questions asked when someone applies to adopt a child. Can you spot the question that has led to a hot debate? If you guessed the "Are you gay?" question, you are right. In some states, most notably Florida, an applicant who wishes to adopt a child is asked their sexual preference, because if he/she is gay, they will not be allowed to adopt a child. It is a known fact that the constitution prohibits discrimination against people for their race, creed, religious practice, or sexual preference. This policy towards discrimination should be the status quo for everything, including adoption. Adoption should not be prohibited to people once it is found out that they are gay. It is morally, socially, and ethically wrong. For this reason, gays and lesbians everywhere should be allowed to adopt children.

To begin with, when someone applies for a job the employer is not allowed to ask the applicant their race, creed, religious practice, or sexual preference. When someone applies to adopt a child, this should be the standard because having a child is a full time job in many ways. A child must be cared for all of the time. A child cannot be procrastinated upon. Since when is it right for a someone to ask personal questions? The questions can be asked, but must they be answered? At an interview for a job if the employer asks a personal question the interviewee doesn't have to answer. Some people think that it is fine to question someone's sexuality if they are adopting a child because if they are gay, they would not be able to provide a loving home. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, however, "gay couples can provide the loving, stable, and emotionally healthy family lives that children need." (
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What can a heterosexual parent give their child that a homosexual one cannot? Both types of parents can give love, food, clothing, financial, emotional, and physical support. So what makes homosexuals different? Nothing. It is the prejudices of society that rule whether or not gay parents can adopt children. Gays "can't help being gay, any more than blacks can choose their skin color." ( This means that if a man or woman is gay, they didn't choose to be that way and should not be punished for it by not being able to adopt a child. If it were acceptable to deny a homosexual the right to adopt a child, as it is in Florida, then it must be acceptable to deny all other minorities, such as blacks, Jews, and foreigners the right to adopt a child, right? Wrong! In Florida, the only minorities that are not allowed to adopt children are gays and lesbians. ( This means that the laws of Florida regarding adoption have double standards. For heterosexuals it is one way, and for homosexuals, it is another.

Next, some people say that it is bad for a child to be raised by a gay parent because the parent will influence the child and make him/her "confused". First of all, what the people really mean when they say this is that being gay is bad. Scientific studies have shown that a child that grows up with homosexual parents is not any more or less likely to become homosexual. (Bruno) The child would only be more tolerant and understanding of homosexual behavior. Since when is this a bad thing? Second of all, some aspects of science prove that if a child is gay, it was genetically programmed. If this is the case, what does it matter if a child is raised by gay parents? If he/she is meant to be gay, he/she will be. Lastly, it is often said that gay parents are not as able to raise a little girl as a mother is. Monica Abay asked, "Well, if two male gay people adopt a girl and she starts menstruating, what can they do for her?" (Abay) "The gay men can help the little girl by doing research and asking other women. If what you are saying was the case, then the scientist that found the cure for polio had to have gotten the disease to do so." (Hyman)

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Lastly, there are only four states in the US that prohibit the adoption of children by gays. All of the other states allow gay adoption. It is the blatant policy of Florida adoption agencies to turn down gay men and women from adopting children. As soon as the adoption agencies see that an applicant is gay, the application is thrown away. Even actress and TV show personality Rosie O'Donnell is not allowed to adopt a child in Florida. Rosie has the means support a child, not to mention the fact that she has already adopted three (in New York). Florida would rather a child to live in a Foster home with 20 other children, one parent, and inadequate food and clothing than let a homosexual adopt him/her. There are currently 3,400 children in foster care that could be adopted promptly if gays wee allowed to adopt them. ( Of the afore mentioned four states, Florida is the only state that does not allow adoption of children by gays without having done any scientific research on the influence of gay parents on their children. ( This says that the only reason Florida has for banning gay adoption is the disapproval of gay people in general.
To conclude, gay adoption should be allowed, especially in Florida. There is no reason that gay parents cannot provide a stable home for a child. There have been no credible studies that show a homosexual will "rub off" on their children. Adoption should be considered on an individual basis, not on a general basis. The only requirements that should be enforced when it comes to adopting children should be that the person have the means to raise a child, a stable personality, and a good sense of morals.

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